“Lee Van Cleef” by Chris Lenox Smith “Lee Van Cleef” by Chris Lenox Smith
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“Lee Van Cleef” by Chris Lenox Smith

Chris Lenox Smith of Brooklyn’s Mixtape Club directed this cool solo piece for Primus:

(Thanks, Gibbs Rainock via Team Coco)

  • Wow Primus are still going? Not that I’m complaining, loved them back in the days of Beavis and Butthead and whatnot.

    That was really fun, loved all the detail and how the face moved about in 3D, tons of after effects layers, I would imagine. Some will probably accuse the walking movement of being really jerky and puppet like, but I think that was entirely the point.

  • I’d like to throw in their stunningly beautiful little experiment/masterpiece “I Like You” which should be obligatory viewing for every living soul on this planet every year, about this time of the year…i think. Well, at least it is for me.

  • George

    PRIMUS ON CARTOON BREW!!!??? My head exploded.

  • Neato.

  • I also love Lee van Cleef! But Clint Eastwood is awesome as well ;)