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“Lollipop” by Bonzom

Lollipop by Bonzom

The music video “Lollipop” for musician Mika is a joyful if somewhat overproduced Seventies graphic pastiche. It is the promising debut work of the young French director’s collective Bonzom. Bonzom is comprised of five animators—Jack, Kalkair, Pozla, Waterlili and Moke—who are grads of various French animation schools like Les Gobelins, La Poudriere and L’ESAAT. They are repped by Passion Pictures Paris.

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  • Sara

    I love this video. My favorite part is when the fox like character sings along. My friend is a huge Mika fan. I can’t wait for her to see this.

  • Very reminiscent of Yellow Submarine.

  • Mike

    Overproduced? OVERPRODUCED??? Sheesh…EVERYTHING about the Seventies was overproduced! That makes this video so Mary Poppins: practically perfect in every way! Super-catchy Seventies bubblegum pop presented in a way that is visually quite a knockout, it’s the kind of thing MTV was born to show! Too bad they don’t play them anymore…this would be HUGE!

    Certainly very promising, I hope to see more of what Bonzom is capable of!

  • Jesse

    I also enjoyed the animation of the fox like character. It is neat to see something both fluid *and* snappy.

  • TJR

    Yes. I thought it was very Yellow Submarine too. I enjoyed this video. It works perfectly with the song. And yes (like Mike said) This would be a great video for MTV. If only they played them. Like the song says: PEACE LOVE AND DON’T TRUST MTV.

    I would love to get an animated video for one of my songs.

  • narkspud

    I wanna know where they got a copy of that song that doesn’t get all overmodulated at the end. I’ve been listening to the CD for months, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard that track not sound like crap.

    Anyway, what a fabulous visualization of that song! I hope they overproduce some more.

  • Wow that was great. I have to echo what Sarah said. I loved the…fox. Or is it a wolf? I assume with the video being a poke at Red Riding Hood its supposed be a wolf. Its cool looking whatever it is.

    This actually reminds me of music video for Suburban Harmony which was also done in a sort of “Yellow Submarine” style.

    Although it doesn’t have as much animation as “Lollipop” did.

  • Tom Pope

    What’s not to like?!!!!! Awesome.

  • I’m sure this will be aired on MTV a lot: the song has been played countless times on the radio and it’s got quite a following already so this amazing piece of animation will most likely get the attention it deserves. Hell, anyone who thinks 2D animation isn’t what it used to be needs to see this. Beautiful.

  • Your friendly neighborhood Lurker

    This is now officially best thing I’ve seen all week. I’d say all month but “your friend the rat” edged it out. :D

  • Overproduced is not a bad thing.

    This video was fantastic, very little if any repetition, always something new and inventive to look at. It makes you want to watch it over and over.

  • What a great video! I’ve been a fan of Mika already, and I’m excited this song’s been made into a video of such eye-candy. I have to watch it again to see if I missed anything!

  • wow. very interesting. very energetic.

  • I agree on the over-produced part–I felt like I’d seen all of its tricks played out in its first thirty seconds–and stylistically it seems an odd fit with the song. (The earlier-mentioned Suburban Harmony song works better with the style.) But still, impressive.

  • nit-picky pick pick. That was AWESOME! *hi – five !! *

  • Very much enjoyed this clip … IMO it suits the artist and the song perfectly.