“Lose This Child” by Yuval & Merav Nathan “Lose This Child” by Yuval & Merav Nathan
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“Lose This Child” by Yuval & Merav Nathan

A new stop-motion video from Yuval & Merav Nathan, directors of the fantastic Her Morning Elegance. Lose This Child (for Israeli alternative group, EatLiz) was animated on an actual beach with real sand, by four animators including musician Guy Ben Shetrit, guitarist for the band.

(Thanks, Alfonso Estrada)

  • Matt

    Brilliantly beautiful.
    Well done to the team who worked on this.

  • wow. That’s impressive. I’m off to the beach. In the morning. If it’s not raining.

  • Great video. Loved the story and design – music was good too! But lip synched SAND ANIMATION??? WOW!

  • Daryl

    Is there a way to watch it on Vimeo or any other online video service? YouTube tells me that this video isn’t available in my country (Germany).

  • Wow! that’s amazing. Id love to know more about the making of this one.
    How do you make actual real sand do that?
    How do you push the turtles around without messing them up?
    great stuff.

  • Kip W

    That’s really moving! Standout job on the animation. Somebody really studied how those creatures move in real life. Very evocative.