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MGMT Video with Animation by Christy Karacas

MGMT Video

MGMT released a new music video tonight for their song “Kids” (directed by Ray Tintori). There’s only about a minute of animation in the video, but it’s one damn solid and creative minute. The animation was directed by Superjail co-creator Christy Karacas, and the animators on the piece were Karacas, Lizzi Akana and Henry Thurlow. The animation on the last shot is nuts! I want to frame-by-frame all that trippy goodness.

  • Rafa

    Too bad the video isn´t on best resolution…

    And the monsters look like escaped from a “Basket Case” sequel !

  • Great Video/ Animation! Although I don’t condone the torture of children.

  • Dan

    I had to struggle to keep an open mind, because although I love the tune, I find Superjail to be utterly vile.

    The video is great, and the animated sequence pretty cool too. What I liked most was the fact that it didn’t resemble a music video so much.

  • good vid — poor kid!

  • Maff

    The animation was akin to a reaaaally bad trip. I dont like the way they treated that kid. His parents should be whalloped for letting him go through that.

  • rick reny

    Superjail is definately one sick cartoon, the art however juvenile and amateurish is certainly effective in evoking a certain amoral glee. It seems to actually have been animated by serial killers and rapists. I suppose that is partly the idea, to get you inside the minds of these deranged people, and the psychedelic vibe culminating at the end of each episode with an orgasmic climax of uber-violence and sadism is relevent in the context of the prison setting.