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M.I.A.’s “Boyz”


M.I.A.’s new music video “Boyz” is a brilliant mashup of contemporary Jamaican dance and lo-fi abstract animation. It’s easily one of the more original and exciting animated music videos that I’ve seen in a while. The animation is not simply an afterthought here but really serves to bring out the colorful style and energy of the dancers, who according to this ‘making of’ video, comprise a who’s who of the Jamaican dance scene. Comparisons have been drawn to Paper Rad though personally I find the graphic style far more successful in the context of this video than I do in most of Paper Rad’s work. Not sure who’s responsible for the animation; the live-action video was directed by Jay Will.

(via BB)

  • This is animation then, right ?

    Just kidding ! Wouldn’t want to cause a stir. Apart from the reference to Paper Rad, you may also want to check out the French duo Gangpol Und Mit – A very similar graphical setting with a bit more craze mixed in. Those Frenchies are just bonkers !

    >>> http://gangpol.free.fr/

  • red pill junkie

    Yeah well, I like the song, and the video sure looks good, BUT It kind of reminds me of MIA’s last hit “Galang” of a few years ago…

  • DanO

    M.I.A has always been a southern California punk band to me. I turn my nose up at this confounded contemporary caterwauling!

  • Hey if you think that’s cool, check Bjork’s video:


  • I love the fact that she made her first album as an art project in School because her boyfriend was a wicked Dj.
    So much energy in her shows!!
    Animation is like music, you just have to find your stride and keep learning…i love animation snob’s who act like the same douchebag Art Critic’s they profess to not be like….the difference is the animnerd is poor and the Art SNOB is rolling in Cash….I love animation but for the sake of the story you do not need to have every possible particle of the scene moving ….let the music carry it…it’s an Audio and Visual experience…you get to critical of your profession and it ruins the joy of it.It time we Emphasize the drawing Quality and not the mass of half assed drivle….

    that is what i see happening .. culture..evolving…

    do your best and the rest will follow..

  • ubik

    I’m not sure, but I think I remember that she does the animation of the videos herself.

  • I dunno about any of that business, but the live action elements all looked to be filmed on that same block as Massive Attacks iconic Unfinished Symphony video.
    Everyone films there. Where is that anyway…

  • Funny thing i just finished watching the video for the first time before i browsed over here. I agree this wasa lot easier, and more fun to watch than any Paper Rad stuff. PR seems like they just make as many bad drawing s as then can and then get them to fly past each other in after effects. This, in contrast, appears thought out and deliberate.