“Miss The Misery” by Pete Levin “Miss The Misery” by Pete Levin
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“Miss The Misery” by Pete Levin

This mostly live action music video for The Foo Fighters, directed by stop-motion animator Pete Levin (Community Xmas episode), has some fun pixilation scenes using body paint that are worth a watch. For more on how the video was created, read Levin’s production blog.

  • Spencer

    Got tired of this really quickly.

  • The best part of this video? Amy Pond is in it.

    • Mike

      The best part of your comment? You made it clear you have no clue. Oh, btw Amy Pond isn’t in it.

      • Whoops, that’s what I get for watching this on a microscopic phone screen! I really was convinced it was her. Anyway, I thought it was a very regular video (in my opinion the Foos’ best has always been Gondry’s video for “Everlong”), so I’ll reiterate by correcting myself and saying that the best part was the lady I thought was Amy Pond.

  • Randy Koger

    God, that music sucks. One note, no chords.

  • Chuck

    Yes, the music is really about keeping it simple and accessible, it’s called “Stadium rock”, not “Astronaut training camp rock”.

    Besides the fact that the amount of technique that went into it is pretty impressive, the visual idea is generic as well. Painting people so that they are merged with the background is almost as old as a dude tracing the contour of his hand on a cave wall.

    Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s been done to death, especially in stop-motion.

    Also it shows the usual problem of filming people in stop-motion : over-expressive acting that ultimately looks stiff and cartoonish. And for some reason here, goofy acting doesn’t convey the emotional despair of the story very well.

  • Metallicfire

    Either do it all pixilation or none at all.

    Pick a side! We’re at war!