Morcheeba Video by Joel Trussell Morcheeba Video by Joel Trussell
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Morcheeba Video by Joel Trussell

Joel Trussell has directed a second video for the English band Morcheeba, based on their single “Gained the World.” Animation leaves a lot to be desired and visual pacing is disconnected from the flow of the song, but design and color are typically pretty Trussell. It’d be great to see his visual sensibility applied to stronger animation and direction one of these days. Video credits on Trussell’s blog.

  • Joel rocks!

  • I thought it was pretty great! Clever lil’ story all neatly buttoned up. Yeah the animation was a bit crude but his style is awesome. I would have like to have seen the animation poses cut to the beat a bit more and then it would have been just fine being jumpy. He did that to amazing effect with the guitar viking piece he did.

  • Chuck R.

    Cool video. Nice song. Bad match up.
    I think I’d prefer each without the other.

    Absolutely love that pink-tinted world inside the coiffure. Nice job!

  • Urahara

    The video and the music kind of match but only the line “I gained the world and lost my soul”. Otherwise like Chuck R I agree the two should be separate things