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“Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare” by Joel Trussell

Fruit Trussell

Following this recent post, many readers demanded better animated and funnier fruit people. So I present to you Joel Trussell‘s new Kid 606 video “Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare.” Watch it here. Credits for the video are as follows:

Director: Joel Trussell
Animators: Anna & Mike Hollingsworth, Joel Trussell
DP & Editor: Michael Samstag
Camera: Matthew Rogers
Lighting: Jeff Reed

  • Hulk

    Very interesting visuals but not very funny. What kind of fruit is Mr. Wobble? He looked like a pear with an orange peel on it.

  • Aline

    It´s funny!

  • Jay Sabicer

    Mr. Wobble is a Tangelo, a hybrid of a tangerine and a grapefruit or pumelo.

    I’m still looking for funnier fruit people. Cannibalistic ravers provided no sympathy to their plight. If it was a group of students visiting the Waldorf Astoria hotel, with walnuts and mayo, I may give a chuckle.

  • Rafa

    Mr. Trussell has done it again !!!

    On my knees to the master !

  • Dave K

    Very inventive. Love the guerilla filmmaking aspect of it. And Mr. Wobble’s “How…?”

  • Luke Cormican

    Amazing and hilarious!

  • Patrice




    but crazy.

  • Love JTruss’s stuff…..So Rad!

  • that was so well done.

  • For cultural reference: the underground rave anthem “Mr. Kirk’s Nightmare” by 4Hero, 1995: