Music Video by Emil Goodman Music Video by Emil Goodman
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Music Video by Emil Goodman

If Lotte Reiniger made trip-hop music videos in the 21st century, they might look something like this striking mixed-media silhouette piece produced for the Hungarian group Beat Dis. All I know about its animator, Emil Goodman, is that Emil Goodmanhe’s a 24-year-old from Hungary. There’s more of his work on his YouTube page.

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  • It’s certainly interesting looking and it is silhouette like Reininger was famous for, but I wouldn’t call it animation, it’s more like effects. And definitely not in league with the delicate beauty of Reininger’s work.

  • Oh, alright, the Matt Damon thing was unrelated, but this?

    Come on…

  • Robert Schaad

    I love this kind of thing. Long live silhouettes!

  • jip

    Seems a lot like Jasper Morello.
    Only that was really animated:D
    Still, very nice looking.

  • kinda creepy, more brothers quay doing their version of Lotte.
    That is if they used after effects and no stopmotion