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Music Video Hard-Ons

These videos have recently been completed for the Sydney-based punk-pop band known as the Hard-ons. Directed by Mark Gravas at Australia’s Kapow Pictures, the two videos couldn’t be more different. Aaron Powell and Colin Bigelow led a small team to create both pieces using traditional hand drawn techniques, Flash and After Effects.

In the first, Pretend It’s Vanilla, Hammer seeks revenge and hunts down his old bullies tack, screw and nail. A nightmare tale of drunken violence.

The second one, In The End We All Die Alone, the Hard-ons descend into the bowels of hell:

  • Tekena

    So, they learn how to play this morning?

    Also, regarding the animation. If I want to see the same thing happen five times in four minutes couple with bad music I’ll flip a coin and turn the radio to a new release hip hop station, and that’s not as awful as this.

  • The designs/linework and camera moves were cool, but I loved the “kaleidoscope” moments.

  • FP

    First things first: The music is unoriginal, boring and poorly-played.

    Having said that…

    Pretend It’s Vanilla is delighful to watch. Pure violent, simple-minded fun with clean lines and lots of blood. Nice. I watched it twice and saved it for a DVD collection.

    In The End We All Die Alone has some pretty inventive, ambitous shots, but the low budget becomes evident with repeated use of the same sequences. The video gets tiresome before the end. The thrashy music is a big deterrent. Metalocalypse makes this style of music interesting. The Hard-Ons do not.

  • Tony

    There is nothing “nice” about Vanilla. It is sado-masochism disguised as a harmless cartoon for kids (?). I am not fooled for a moment. Mixed-messages and dishonest bs. It is pure cruelty; the blood-letting is NOT funny, charming, witty, clever or cute. Just ugly, low-life animation ideas. Try much, much harder, folks. This one really is pathetic, bottom of the barrel, non-entertainment. Is that all you could come up with?? What perverted system of thought are you following, thinking you are so cool? Sorry, “bad theater”, kids, as Dan Ackroyd said.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Should’ve saved the Screw for last, since he’s “screwed” in the fadeout anyway.
    Jeez, punk-rock just seems so… ancient.

  • MattSullivan

    Ah. how cheerful.

    I don’t like ugly animation design. i think this is ugly.

  • Steven Finch, Attorney at Law

    Yeah, Tony, I’m sure they intended the first video to be a “harmless cartoon for kids.” Yep, you got them pegged all right!

  • asbo

    I love these videos. Whose says animation has to be about happy clappy fairy dust and smiling pumpkin faces. I think these pieces are well produced and match the music. It drives me nuts when people think animation is only for kids. You only have to look at the history of animation, some animation examples on this blog and animation examples around the world to see that not every cartoon/ animated piece is for children’s eyes. Animation is a much bigger medium than bringing inanimate objects to life with an insipid soundtrack twinkling in the background. I don’t see how Vanilla can be described as a “harmless kids cartoon”? There are tools torturing each other in the first shot. Sadomasochist seems a bit harsh. So what there is a bit of blood, it is in a cartoon context…which isn’t real. And come on when was the last time you saw a hammer get drunk, pretty original. I reckon if Tony would step away from his prized Disney collection he might find that animation has a rich history and exists in many styles.
    Well done!