Music Video Round-Up (#11) Music Video Round-Up (#11)
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Music Video Round-Up (#11)

Delta Heavy by Get By

Stop-mo. Directed and animated by UK based Ian Robertson. Illustrations by Annie Ward.

Mr. Overtime by Punks Jump Up

This music video was produced by ChezEddy and directed by Maxime Bruneel, a French director known for his psychedelic videos. And it shows!

Ten by Ten by Bluebrain

I just caught up with this mini-masterpiece, directed and animated by Gabe Askew.

  • Ryan

    Love the Ian Robertson one, even though it’s more than SLIGHTLY reminiscent of PES.

  • Spencer

    In a way, anyone that does stop motion with nostalgic found objects is going to link back to PES at some point. But that’s the effect that he’s had on stop motion animation and Garsh bless him for it! I don’t think anyone would refute their influence from him, especially after that little diddy, which was quite nice regardless!

    LOVE the Gabe Askew video! I’m rarely a 3D fan, but the dimensions to his work, the art direction, and great sense of pacing in the storytelling always keeps me engaged and awe-struck.

  • michael

    Mr. Overtime by Punks Jump Up vid…
    You pixellated the shit outa that motherfucker – kickass song too. Nice vid.

    PES my ass – like he invented stop mo with objects? Cmon yall. People been shooting objects a loooong time. Get off his jock.

  • michael

    …I meant the Delta Heavy – get by VID… Whoops!