Music Video Round-Up (#8) Music Video Round-Up (#8)
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Music Video Round-Up (#8)

DoYaThing by Gorillaz, Andre 3000, and James Murphy

Released a few weeks ago but still a worth post on Cartoon Brew, this new music video is tied into marketing a Gorillaz Converse sneaker line. Directed by Gorillaz co-creator Jamie Hewlett, this fast-paced making of video shows you how it was done.

Illy Godzilla (El Rey Tritón) by The Dragulas

This animated music video, a combination of cut-out animation and stop-motion photography by Rodrigo Hernández and Cecilia Beavan, is for Mexican pop-glam band The Dragulas. The song is a tribute to Illy Keller, one of the pioneers of punk and glam music in Mexico, who died in 2010.

Animal by The Gorgeous Colors

And finally Bruno Palma, an artist at Dublin-based Boulder Media, created this beautifully stylish clip:

  • andrea

    bravo Bruno!

  • Dan

    Beautiful video from Bruno Palma. Just gorgeous!!

  • Teresa

    I love the one for The Gorgeous Colours, really nice!

  • I don’t really like Gorrilaz music at all, but their videos are always pretty interesting. Kudos to the production crew though; that video definitely took some hard work to complete.

  • Tommie

    I like the last one. Good old 2D animation, nice storytelling. Looks like a lotta work for just one person. Nice job!