Music Video Roundup #1 Music Video Roundup #1
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Music Video Roundup #1

Some days it seems that there are as many music videos as there are songs. We receive far more video submissions than we can possibly post on the site, and the number of submissions is growing all the time. That’s why we’re introducing the Music Video Round-up, a regular collection of new animated music videos. We won’t be posting every video we receive. The list will be curated to include the videos worth your time, but by creating groupings of videos in a single post, we will be able to present more videos than ever before. Also, we’ll still occasionally highlight individual music videos when the project merits greater coverage or if we have something unique to say about it. As always, keep submitting those videos, and we’ll keep posting them.

“Hurting” by David Lewandowski (US)


Music: Friendly Fires
Director: David Lewandowski
VFX supervisor: Dustin Bowser
Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger
Producer: Christian Heuer
Exec Producer: Laura Tunstall
Starring: Nikol Peeva, George Loomis
3D Modeling and Matchmove: Patrick Goski
2D Graphic Designer/Animator: Jake Portman
Editor: Trevor Durtschi
Additional Design: Brian Gossett
1st AC: Alyssa Soetebier
DIT: Chris Hoyle
Gaffer: Brandon Wilson
Key Grip: Yuki Noguchi
Stylist: Michelle Thompson
Makeup and Hair: Ashley Harris
PA: Mike Gammariello
Colorist: Mark Todd Osborne
“Thick As Thieves” by Kevin Parry (US)

Musician: Kalle Mattson
Director/Animator: Kevin Parry
Designer/Animator: Carla Veldman
Designer/Animator: Andrew Wilson
Live Action: Andrea Nesbitt
“Hired Killer” by James Reitano (US)

Musician: Layng Martine Jr.
“Do I Have Power” by Carlos De Carvalho

Director: Carlos De Carvalho
Production manager: Aude Danset De Carvalho
Animation: Pierric Danjou, Thomas Lecourt, Charles Lemor
Technical direction: Guillaume Baratte
Music: Timber Timbre
Production:Je Regarde

“Tribe” by Cyril Gfeller (UK)

Music: Piers Faccini
Production Company: Nomad Films Uk Limited
Producer: Spencer Wright
Director: Cyril Gfeller
Illustrator: Arnaud Mailly

  • Iritscen

    I wholeheartedly approve of this idea if it lets you highlight more music videos.

    I enjoyed Hurting, it’s a simple concept that the CG effects make more interesting, and it works well with the song.

    But wow, Do I Have Power is really really amazing. I don’t even know what to say about it, except “wow”.

    • Michael F.

      Hurting is an odd video but I definitely see how it relates to people being so addicted to technology. It’s a great song too; you should definitely catch a Friendly Fires show if you can. I saw them in Chicago at Lollapalooza this year!

  • “Do I Have Power” Incredible! I like this collection of recent video’s idea. Keep it up.

  • Scott B.

    Don’t let the lack of comments discourage you guys from doing another such round-up. I enjoyed these. The fun and clever Thick as Thieves animation, Hurting — particularly the flying/falling FX. Do I Have Power was creepily hypnotic.

    Good stuff.

  • Thanks a lot brewmasters for featuring our video, much appreciated! Great batch of work.

  • It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks for sharing this with others.