Music Videos by Los Temblooores Music Videos by Los Temblooores
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Music Videos by Los Temblooores

I need to share these music videos by Barcelona musicians Puig M. Fabra and Mike Moko, aka Los Temblooores (The Earthquakes).

Make the Mongolian (Haz el mongol) is very simply drawn, crayon styled animated piece with a real catchy beat. Low budget but highly enjoyable.

Fight in the Bowling Alley (Pelea En La Bolera) is less animation and more of a mash up of live action found footage, old clips, commercials, scenes from trailers and TV shows – my kind of stuff.
  • Mike Johnson

    At :38 in the second clip, was that a scene from the opening of The Eighth Man? God I feel so old…

  • Isn’t that second clip completely illegal? It contains lots of copyrighted work! I can already see a bunch of lawyers hysterically barking at the band’s studio door.

    This is the reason why we should fight for an international copyright which explicitely allows sampling, re-mixes, collages, and mash-ups. “Fair Use” isn’t mentioned in ACTA or any other of these super secret treatys.

    • Sometimes it’s better to go ahead and misappropriate a clip than to seek permission. If asked to take the work down, comply & apologize immediately! However, since these are the days of the web, someone will have snagged it already and the useful infringement will persist as long as it has an audience, despite the clingy desires of any “rights holders”.