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Music Videos

Music Vids by Shoji Goto and Jamie Mason

These two recent music vid discoveries make me very happy.

OOIOO Music Video by Shoji Goto

• “Umo” is a primarily stop motion video directed by Shoji Goto for the all-female Japanese group OOIOO. The energetic uninhibited filmmaking in this piece is a true delight. Peep it here or download a better quality Quicktime version here (28mb).

• “Frog Dance” is an inspired bit of Flash animation by Jamie Mason (aka Hobo Divine) produced for the Nick Jr. series Yo Gabba Gabba. It’s mighty rare to see anybody today pull off this type of super-limited animation with such charm and vitality. (via)

  • That was Dopetastic!

  • Thank you Amid and Don for the kind words.

  • red pill junkie

    They made me happy too, thanks Amid.

    And thanks Jamie for those kool break-dancing amphibians! :-)

  • It’s nice to hear Yoko Ono again.

  • Sweetest dancing frog ever…DeeeLux

  • i was hanging out with my three year old nephew recently and caught an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, and it’s really freaking cool. The designs are all great, and I was actually able to watch it with him. Not at all like most other shows aimed at the young kids.

  • Jamie is my hero!

  • joecab

    Wow! That’s so cute and well done that you don’t even think about it being Flash.

  • There’s a madness and range of freedom to the OOIOO animation which is quite appealing. Fits the music perfectly.

  • OOIOO are members from a band called the Boredoms. Great stuff.

  • justin

    jamie has the midas touch

  • haha, that umo piece reminds me of the ridiculous music videos my friends and i used to make years ago, simple and strangely humorous. and frog dance put the biggest smile on my face!

  • JG

    This made my day :) Both are wonderful inspiring pieces. Many many thanks!

  • Both of these are superb, the OOIOO video especially! Anything Boredoms-related is great, even better with animation!

  • man do i love yo gabba gabba. I saw the please thank you video a while back and i couldn’t stop watching it, i love it, also biz’s beat of the day is a fun time :D

  • (to add to Tim Drage’s comment) I too love video, I think the animation captured the energy of the song perfectly. I was lucky enough to meet the director at the Ottawa Film Festival… such a humble and talented person. I think he also won an award for this particular work, but I forget for what catagory :(

  • Oh YAAAAA…….that is the cutest Jamie….the frogs….the bugs….elephant….design / anim and music……..

    Maybe “dub-a-dub” should be watching Yo Gabba
    ( hehe…wordplay joke….Jamie knows my youngest
    daughter Laurens nickname is dub-a-dub )