“Mykonos” Video by Sean Pecknold “Mykonos” Video by Sean Pecknold
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“Mykonos” Video by Sean Pecknold

“Mykonos” is a visually mesmerizing paper cut-out music video for Fleet Foxes, directed and animated by Sean Pecknold with artwork by illustrator Jesse Brown. Full video credits, along with a ‘making of’ short can be viewed here.

  • plexipixie

    utsukushii!!! beautiful video to match a beatiful song. big ups, sean!

  • Great timing on the animation kept this simple cut out style from looking like a student film. Very creative and impressive. Love Fleet Foxes sound!

  • really lively animation, beautiful colors. i really like this paper cutout stuff. thanks for posting amid!

  • f

    like having a weird dream you can’t quite remember and doesn’t make any sense… superb work.