“No Corras Tanto” Video by César Díaz “No Corras Tanto” Video by César Díaz
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“No Corras Tanto” Video by César Díaz

Spanish animator César Díaz created this lyrical sand-animated music video for El Combolinga‘s “No Corras Tanto.” Díaz is also a member of the band.

There’s also this making-of video that gives a sense of the painstaking effort that was involved in animating all that sand:

  • Saturnome

    Very impressive! Animation of this kind is so much harder to do than it looks, bravo.

  • Chuck R.

    Wow, Amazing technique! The design in this is particularly good too. I love the typography, and especially the nude figures. The running figure with the foreshortened foot is really cool.

    Are there any cheats at all? I’m amazed at the tiny typography in the end credits. Can letters in the sand really be drawn that neatly with fingers —and that uniformly?

  • Among the best sand animation I’ve ever seen. How long did it take him to make that film? Wow.

  • Hey,Thank you all. it took 4 months to finish. The little typography, the first written with a brush and then placed my hand on the photo. The entire video clip was shot with a reflex photography camera and without tinkering or postproduction.(Sorry, my English is very bad).

  • Dear Cesar,

    I want to invite you to Berlin, you are in the International Competition for Short Films. But I can´t reach you, so I try this way.
    Can you please get in contact with me!!!!

    That would be great: [email protected]

    all the best and hoping to hear from you,