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“Ode to The Bouncer” by Studio Killers

What have The Archies and Gorillaz spawned now? Not sure who is behind this music video by Studio Killers, but lead singer “Cherry” is hot. Ode To The Bouncer is the first single from the mysterious UK virtual pop group. If anyone knows the artisans behind this piece, the info will be much appreciated.

(Thanks, Annie-Mae)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Hot, like Orlando in August: Sticky and uncomfortable.

  • That was pretty great. If she replaces Ke$ha all will be right with the world.

  • Kamron

    Long live the animated band.

  • Tim

    Very cool! The main character looks very arthur de pins Inspired.

    • juan alfonso

      Yes,very much in the “Peches Mignons” style-only 3d and animated.

  • I especially like the oh-so-blase band members.

  • Brian Kidd

    That video made me feel all funny. Like when I used to climb the rope in Gym class.

  • the lads must have a arthur de pins book nearby, then again Arthur doesn’t have the monopoly on chunky chicks with big heads… Great tune and video

  • I love this song and video. I think I’ve probably watched it at least once a day for about 2 weeks now. Pretty much love everything about it! And I just blogged about it last night. Happy to see it here (:

  • Needs more keytar.

  • hitface

    Took you long enough!
    They came out of nowhere, maybe they’ll reveal more information once they get their second video out? They have another planned, it looks amazing.

  • Thanks Jerry for posting this.

    Yeah I really hope that we get more info about them soon. There is a facebook of their band with some nice promotional artwork> . Anyone think they can recognize the artist based on those drawings?

    OH and WHY do people keep referring back to The Archies when we bring up Cartoon Bands? They’ve been dead musically for YEARS. Gorillaz, Dethkolk, Start Your Own Rebellion, Hatsune Miku, and even Alvin and the Chipmunks (though I don’t think they do live performances) are far more relevant to the whole modern ‘Cartoon Band’ scene.

    • TsimoneTseTse

      Why? to relate to us “Geezers” that like this site. Yea, Archies are soo dead, bring back the GROOVY GHOULIES!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Who cares about the modern cartoon band scene?
      Also very nice facebook art. Anyone knows who makes it?

  • Sarah

    The style of the music video reminds me more of the art style of graffiti artist Miss Van than Arthur de Pins.

    • Bingo

    • Anoniguy

      I don’t agree, but I am very glad you mentioned that artist – I like their work, a whole damn lot. Thanks for cluing me in.

  • Typically sexist and mysogenist. Just what we need, trampy little doll figures. Designed for the 14 year old boys out there. What’s happening to the world?

    • hitface

      Women are more than welcome to dress how they want and be as trampy as they want :/
      She gets past the bouncer, she gets what she wants.. I really dont see how its misogynistic just because she’s not fully covered.. You should, you know, actually look into the band, into the character.

      • “Women are more than welcome to dress how they want and be as trampy as they want.”

        Sure we are, but the point is she HAS to dress like that to get past the bouncer. Because that’s the world we live in – girls get what they want as long as they tart themselves up for the men who run the show.

      • Mike Fallopian

        Did you even watch the video or listened to the song? No where is there any indication that she dressed up like that to get past the bouncer; she got past the bouncer by beating him up and sneaking in the club.

        Get over yourself.

      • I know plenty of women who “run the show”, but agree with your sentiment. However, this video isn’t designed to influence trends, it’s reflecting on existing stereotypes. She’s hardly presented as a role model for 13 yr olds. If anything she’s a tragic warning. Besides, entertainment doesn’t have to preach.

      • My response to ‘hitface’ was in regards to his/her ignorant comment, not the video which is why I quoted him/her.

        I watched about a minute of the video. Modeling and animation is nice, not a fan of the character design – I think it’s rather ugly. But guess what? That’s my opinion.

      • hitface

        I dont see how my comment is ignorant when you are judging the message of the video without even watching it in its entiriety. Thats how the character likes to be. Thats how she likes to dress. She’s not dressing like that to please the bouncer. Shes dressing that way for herself.

    • Marcklopfenstein

      The watercolor look is fantastic in the facebook art, the color in the animation is gorgeous. Definitely looking to listen to them more.

    • Kamron

      The character was obviously approved by the actual female singer. It is a simple matter of personal choice not some huge conspiracy that is sweeping the world. They even choose to make the female character Rubenesque which isn’t the idealized sexual form. The only thing even possibly cliche about her is the fact that she is one part sexy one part dangerous a mixture that has worked for front women for decades. It’s the bands choice if they want to present themselves in a sexual manner. If you don’t like it don’t watch or listen.

    • Conor

      I gotta say, I don’t see it at all, my first impression from the character is less “sexy” and more “funny”, it’s just kind of hilariously trashy. What’s more, are fourteen year old boys even into full figured women? Isn’t that the age at which Paris Hilton is still passable as a sex symbol just by virtue of being skinny?

  • That’s pretty cool.

    Close to a modern Boop look.

    “Ve vill not ask about her feets!”

    It almost sounds like a guy singing through a pitch diddler.

    • Anoniguy

      I actually thought of that too – the singer’s voice is -definitely- being dicked around with. Only bothers me on the repeated “Bouncer” parts.

      Bow bow bow BOOOOWWWWNNSUH

      • Zod

        The singer’s voice sure is being messed around with – the singer is male! It’s heavily edited to sound a bit more feminine.

  • Erin Siegel

    I love the mix of CG and traditional here.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    We got a visit from the clothing police, I see.

    In b4 body police.

  • guessing

    Sounds much like former finnish band – the crash-
    Compare yourself

    • info bite

      That’s because the singer most likely is the singer from The Crash: Teemu Brunila. ;)
      This mysterious band consist artist from Finland, England and I think Denmark.

  • CelPhone

    This is too awesome :D Just saw this a day or so ago, and actually wanted to suggest it to CartoonBrew as well! I’m glad someone did either way though, and this article made me very. VERY happy :)

  • Spencer

    Dig the Mike Smith 2D stuff!

  • Fun visuals, but unlike the Gorillaz the music was terrible. I had to watch it with the sound off after 30 seconds.

  • Hal

    Reminds me of Cool World, but good. Those be some well animated wonky tits.

  • Bruce

    The creative concept is nice. I like the 2d and 3d mix. For some reason it reminds me of Robert Crumb. I dislike the lyrics and the message. It’s fun for adults but the content is definitely not for kids (it’s sad they’re the target audience).

    • Anoniguy

      They are? What?

      She all but fucks the bouncer in the video. That’s not marketing to kids at all.

  • tamera

    the video was okay, i dont really like the singer, but i fell in love with the animation for the club dancers. i spose i liked the traditional bits of the vid more than the CG parts. some parts were really repetitive, like the bouncing tits and tummy rubbing, very unlike a gorillaz vid, but it was just okay. im not raving over it, but i liked it.

  • I’ve got news for Mike F… she’s not beating anyone up.

    Perhaps if they shared a cigarette on that sidewalk, it’d be completely obvious. No song with a chorus of “b-b-bouncer” is about fighting.

  • I highly recommend going to their YouTube channel. They have a few video blogs with Cherry, David and Peter (Goldie Fox and Dynaminx). I’m wholly in love with this band now. XD Thanks so much Jerry! ♥

  • Al Jordan

    The video is a pretty innovative synthesis of different animation styles and techniques, I’ll admit, coupled with
    a contemporary approach to music production.
    Since Gorillaz and The Crash lead singer Teemo Brunilda have been mentioned here, something just occurred to me:
    Wasn’t Teemo the lead vocalist on the Gorillaz track “Dare”?
    And speaking of Gorillaz, they seemed to have dropped off the radar altogether. Seems like their latest album, [i]The Fall[/i], didn’t go off quite well, even with their most hardcore fans. I had a chance to listen to it. It was OK, but more lukewarm than their previous albums. So I can somehow understand why listeners didn’t catch on to it. At least that might be a good sign that we’ll be seeing a new album from Damon Albarn’s other current project, The Good The Bad And The Queen.

  • the band is called the Studio Killers, and the lead singer is actually a guy.

    • Jessica

      I knew it! I’m pretty sure it is Teemu Brunila from The Crash right? :D