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Music Videos

“Putty Boy Strut” by Cyriak

Putty Boy Strut is a new music video for Flying Lotus, animated by UK-based Cyriak Harris who teamed up with friend and illustrator Sarah Brown. “She made the robots and I made them go horrible.” ‘Horrible’ never looked so cool…

  • That link for Sarah Brown isn’t the Sarah Brown you’re after. The correct Sarah has her own shop selling amazing things here, tho :

  • Michel Van

    A perfect little Robot world, until Grandmaster Cyriak kicks in…

  • “Flowers and Trees” meets “Wall-E” in a good way. fun piece.

  • Cyriak is incredible. Animated the hell out of Ms. Brown’s designs. Well done.

  • tim elliot

    I liked it, but it felt like I was at a restaurant, peeking over the shoulder of someone playing an iPhone game.

  • I need a cigarette. Wow!

  • Tom Cushwa

    Sweet… I love the fact that this is all 2D and not 3d. Such a cool idea.