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Ramona Falls Video by Stefan Nadelman

“I Say Fever” is a video for Ramona Falls directed by Stefan Nadelman (of Food Fight fame). Nadelman uses a photo collage puppeted-animation technique that transforms ordinary antique engravings into a darkly macabre vision that fits the music perfectly.

(Thanks, Carolyn Bates)

  • NIcely done. The look and feel of this video fits the music well.

  • Stefan’s work is brilliant ! I first came across him through his Orson Welles Paul Masson track piece ( Brilliant !

  • steppo


    Really inspiring.

  • It’s videos like this one that make it so easy and fun to discover new music!

  • It would be interesting to ID all the heads.

    It appears to be (Russian composer) Sergei Rachmaninoff pouring a drink for (German composer) Richard Wagner in the thumbnail image?

  • Dave K

    Very nice! Truly spooky! That fast-walk cycle when the bg strobes red and the music kicks in is very effective at upping the creepy factor.

  • Paul Penna

    Definitely Wagner, but I don’t think it’s Rach. But that notion did have me momentarily speculating that this might have been a deliberate all-composer scene: Wagner, Haydn, Chopin, Arthur Sullivan & Rach, but it just don’t add up.

    Personally, I think Terry Gilliam’s way with this sort of thing was more imaginative & entertaining.

  • Iritscen

    Wow, Nadelman did an excellent job at breathing life into still 2D faces.