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Rdio Introduces the 15-Second Music Video

New York-based production studio Blacklist has partnered with Rdio, Skype’s new music streaming service in a year-long campaign called New Music Weekly. Each Tuesday, the site will release a specially commissioned 15-second clip that brings together new music and original animation from emerging visual artists, designers and animators. At its best, particularly with the traditional work, the combination is refreshingly compelling, albiet annoyingly brief.

The first installment of the project, Gauntlet Hair’s track Human Nature visualized by UK design studio, ilovedust debuted at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival. This was followed by pieces for Gogol Bordello (Lost Innocent World) and Michael Franti (I Don’t Wanna Go), designed by Blacklist directors, Holbrooks and Tendril, respectively.

While Rdio is responsible for the music selections, Blacklist is allowed input to ensure “a great audio visual sync,” says Adina Sales, Blacklist’s managing director, in an article on Creative Review. “The process has been very free and exciting, [and has allowed] directors and animators the chance to work largely unencumbered. They produce work that is indicative not only of their style but of their unique point of view.”

Other participating artists include the Paris-based design house Wizz and an upcoming contribution by Swedish production collective Upper First. The spots will appear on Rdio’s YouTube channel, digital banners and at music festivals.

  • Jonah Sidhom

    I love them all, but the Michael Franti one is my favorite. It makes me so happy :D

  • Chris

    Modest budget + need for product = innovation.

    Annoyingly brief, but a lot of fun, nonetheless.

    Maybe next year they’ll be able to afford 30 seconds!

    • Brill 93

      Well take a look at vine or so. This is basically MTV/Vine with animation.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Thirty seconds would be fine. I suppose these do their best to at least hook someone into what the site’s about otherwise.

  • Tim Drage

    Congratulations on inventing the sting I guess

  • Michel Gagne

    I love this type of stuff. Even at 15 seconds, these are packed with creativeness.

    • Tim

      Hi Michel,

      As one of the three animators who worked on this (ilovedust), its especially awesome to me that you enjoyed it.
      I pretty much only picked up animation because I fell in love with your work and wanted to try it too!

  • somethingsavage

    instagram allows you to upload premade videos, with a length of 15 seconds… would be awesome to follow them there.

  • Meagan

    These are great!