Regan by Killer Mike Regan by Killer Mike
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“Reagan” by Harry Teitelman and Daniel Garcia

Killer Mike’s song “Reagan” offers a much-needed corrective to the partisan politics of American election season. The lyrics, which boldly declare all American Presidents as puppets who tell “lies on teleprompters”, are accompanied by striking visuals by Harry Teitelman and Daniel Garcia, who use a red-white-and-blue color palette in the most ironic way possible.

  • Mark

    Like the visual style but the message is pure BS.

    • There’s Spit in My Brew

      You gotta love a rapper that rails against violence and hate and the victims they create, then turns around and says he’s glad an old man long out of office is dead. That sort of hypocrisy is worthy of the very politicians they’re criticizing. Guess Gandhi and MLK, Jr. should’ve picked up a gat instead.

      Good animation though.

      • Taylor

        There’s not actually any hypocrisy in being glad a 93 year old man has died while being opposed to wars, gang violence and murder.

        • There’s Spit in My Brew

          The root of much of violence and murder is hate. Being glad an ex-president is dead stems from much hate as well.

          Politicians are worth criticism. They’re worth derision. It’s healthy. It can improve society. But don’t waste your emotional energy in hating them. They’re simply not worth your time in that regard.

          • Jon H

            He specifically blames Reagan for the opression of him and his fellow countrymen, you can disagree with him on the facts but if what he says is true that certainly warrants hatred.

  • Randy

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  • Hey now

    Fantastic video and song.

  • TJR

    No where in the song does the author condone any kind of violence to anyone including Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan died of natural causes and he was already dead when he wrote the song. Saying I am glad he’s dead may not be nice, but he never says “We should kill him” or “I wished someone had killed him” etc.

    The author dislikes Reagan a great deal and has his reasons (and you might disagree with them) But the author clearly comes from a different background than me though.

    This might be hard for a lot of people to understand, but (speaking as a songwriter) saying that you are glad someone is dead in the context of a song is not the same as saying it in the context of real life.

    As a songwriter myself, I get this. Song can deal with very fiery passionate, but also very unguarded emotions that can be freed from their real life restraints, because after all, it is only a song and the more often than not the whole point of a song is express something even if the something you express delves into the darker parts of the human mind.

    BTW: I really like the song and the video.

    • Mark

      “saying that you are glad someone is dead in the context of a song is not the same as saying it in the context of real life. ”

      I don’t buy it. If your song/book/ about expressing you’re personal opinion then what ever you say in the project is the same as expressing it in normal life. It’d be like a political cartoonist doing cartoon and then claiming that’s not how he really feels.

  • Bud

    Simply stating the established and indisputable fact that reagin illegally wold arms to Middle Eastern terrorists to fund and illegal terrorist war in Central America isn’t the problem with this video. reagun is now suffering the “what goes around, comes around” effect as he rots in hell.

    And while the deficit indulged reagun administration (remember…”deficits don’t matter!”) worked harder to redistribute wealth than help individual Americans, slathering blame this far after the fact may not do much to undo the golden aura rosey-glassed reagunites have entombed his “legend.”

  • Bob

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  • Craig

    Brilliant storytelling, nice visuals, catchy song. This work of art has it all!