“Red Head Speedskater” and “Spaceman Stu” by Oliver Conrad “Red Head Speedskater” and “Spaceman Stu” by Oliver Conrad
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“Red Head Speedskater” and “Spaceman Stu” by Oliver Conrad

Terrific photo-collage style and overall art direction in “Red Head Speedskater,” a music video for Airpushers directed and animated by Oliver Conrad at the New York studio Kompost. I love the movement of the titular character, which has a video game influence. Sophisticated design choices abound in this video; note how the director maintains interest by varying the timing of the skater’s movement and also by cutting the camera frequently while maintaining the illusion of a smooth ride.

I’m ashamed to say that I was unfamiliar with Kompost’s work until now. In fact, the video is from two years ago and I only learned about it because it was featured on Vimeo’s front page over the weekend. Here’s a more recent spot that Kompost recently completed for McDonald’s. It’s also directed by Conrad, and it’s one of the most genial and artistic spots I’ve ever seen selling hamburgers:

  • Karen

    Great stuff. Usually don’t like this kind of top 40 kind of music, but this sounds fun. And the animation is appealing.

  • lola

    I like the idea of the Red Head Skater but I think that poorly drawn babe works against it. I can’t get past her dead stare.

  • LOVE the McD’s spot… really well done!

  • Very well animated, I especially like the way they made the stars accessible and I can see a lot of children enjoying this…

    But joy to only be found in boxes purchased at McDonalds!?

    sigh, I would be happier if the marketing department just left the vomit inducing consumption jingo in the gutter where it belongs…

    You can have joy in a world with no McD’s as well.

  • I liked this other recent McDonald’s spot as well: