“Scattered” by andmapsandplans “Scattered” by andmapsandplans
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“Scattered” by andmapsandplans

Andmapsandplans, aka Adrien Merigeau and Alan Holly, created this airy and evocative video for Jennifer Evans’s song “Scattered”. Merigau and Holly are also responsible for the recent Cartoon Saloon short Old Fangs.

(Thanks, Tomm Moore)

  • Great stuff!

  • Lovely. I found their unsettling “Old Fangs” one of the most beautiful films in Annecy this year, undeservedly neglected by the jury.

  • elle

    Came in to post this, glad I was beaten to the punch. I saw Old Fangs at Sundance and just love their style, really different from anything that’s out there.

    Tomm didn’t mention it but Adrien and Alan both worked on Kells (Adrien designed the gorgeous backgrounds), and both are working on the next CS feature, Song of the Sea, as well.

  • Beautiful!

  • Loved it, guys; so different and beautiful!!

  • #K

    Some of this reminds me so so so much of Paul Glabicki

  • You don’t often see a music video that captures the tone and pace of a song as well as those guys have. Love it!