<em>Shot in the Back of the Head</em> <em>Shot in the Back of the Head</em>
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Shot in the Back of the Head

Filmmaker David Lynch directed this animated video for a song Shot in the Back of the Head off of Moby’s upcoming album. I don’t care what you say – I like it.

(via Vanity Fair)

  • Good tune, the video is a load o’ me bollix though!

  • oof – a load for sure. What is it paint shop…pro?

  • Keith

    Couldn’t make it through the first 30 seconds. The look felt like a poor Plympton copy.

  • David Lynch is not a type of director whose work can translate well into animation. The song itself sounds like a typical Moby song – lifeless and used solely for commercial purposes.

  • yeah.. i’m a big lynch fan, but this isn’t very good. it’s a shame because i know that Moby personally knows many talented animators who could have done a great job with this score.

    and keith… in no way does this remotely resemble even a poor plympton copy. give the plymp some cred. jeez.

  • It’s no “Angriest Dog In The World”.

  • Shmorky

    I like Lynch and all, but this is too much like Dumbland… and Dumbland looked better than this. I’m actually kind of disappointed that he has not shown any improvement since then.

  • Michael – although I don’t think this is very good, Lynch has made several animated films, most of which are interesting.

  • Mark K.

    WHo the hell is “moby?”

  • Paul Bates

    I think the crude backgrounds work for this video, and certain timings. But yeah, the people seem to be the most distracting part bringing down this video

  • I have to disagree with Michale F.
    During the very first years of his career David Lynch made some very brilliant stuff using animation to back his ideas.
    Unfortunately this clip has almost lnothing in common with his early animated works.

  • I thought it was fantastic.

  • I suspect I would love this if it were drawn on paper. But I don’t feel the rough style works with the digital line and clean Flash-like cut-outs.

    But that’s the only thing holding me back from loving it.

  • Charles

    Having seen some early Lynch animation I was disappointed to see this one done on a computer. It sort of reminds me of the music video for Blur’s “good song” directed by David Shrigley, only not as good.

  • pure boy

    This is awesome!!!! Good tune!
    Love seeing this stuff.

    i found an animated piece made by 11-year-old kid


    isnt this awesome?

  • pretty awful – but david lynch could poop on a plate and some people out there would eat it

    sad thing is if you saw this video without lynch’s or moby’s name attached, you might not have watched it for more than a few seconds.

  • I like how he uses “flash ugliness” to his advantage. He makes it work despite the fact that most animation geeks will hate it, not without reasons.

  • i liked it. thanks for posting and taking the heat, jerry! twas worth my while.

  • Keith

    @ Patrick Smith:

    Yeah, upon further watching (tolerating?), the rest doesn’t look like Plympton and it still is terrible. :-P

  • I think this works great as an animatic. The ideas seem too work better than their execution.

  • I agree with Amid, it’s delicious and quite refreshing. Like a good drink.

  • Cameron

    I think this works very well with the grainy quality of the music.

    But then I really liked Lost Highway…

  • I agree with Bitter Animator, the rough digital is what ruins this video. This feels like an old artist not understanding the potential of the new tools.

  • Sorry, but this is awful. Even if viewed as some sort of “video art”. I really like Lynch´s films througout the years, but this is just bad in every single level. If this was made by a 12-year old people would completely ignore this. The king is naked.

  • lynch was probably so expensive that they had to hire some 8 year olds
    in north korea for the animation. color was out of the question. the sound in the background seemed kind of unfinished too… but I am sure with all the other crap around it will be a hit

  • WOW it’s completely fearless. Had lynch done ‘scratch on film’ or the ugly-beautiful aesthetic as applied in his early animations, it would be completely beside the point. the vanity fair link explains that the song aimed to be devoid of market pressures, the video is a perfect match. it’s very liberating piece.

  • If it’s meant to be haunting, it works! The music by Moby also sticks with you. I do like seeing something this non-commercial now and then.

  • Martin

    Moby is the Angelo Badalamenti of our time.

  • TJR

    I am a huge fan of Lynch. I have never gotten into Moby’s music, but I LOVED this music. I am curious to hear more of this album…..Oh, and the video is cool too.

  • Kirb

    Mark me down for thinking that the ‘rough’ digital just doesn’t work. If this were done with traditional pen and ink or even TRIED to make it look as though it were done in traditional media it would have been much more appealing.

    Like others have said, this works better as a surreal animatic, and honestly not even a very good one.

    Did Lynch scribble some stuff on a paper napkin at Denny’s and hand it off to an intern a day before deadline?

  • I like the video, it’s so simple! The ending is just great, when the womans head floats into the air and there’s no one to hold or kiss her. Yeah.

  • Adam Van Meter

    It does create a mood, you have to admit. But as for telling a story or making sense, or looking good… not so much.

    And the piece by the eleven year old kid – say what you want, but he DID make a short film, which is the most important thing. Ugly or not. He can only get better, right? Good job.

  • brave posting on this fiery blog jerry! :)

  • David is a pal o mine, but he insists on calling me JACK SPIT. a name another pal abhors. He really makes me think “Chester Gould on Acid”, with this effort, but it’s really all David, and his amazing talents…