“Skin You Alive” by Lluis Fuzzhound “Skin You Alive” by Lluis Fuzzhound
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“Skin You Alive” by Lluis Fuzzhound

An animated music video for the Midnight Woolf song Skin You Alive by illustrator Lluis (Fuzzhound) Sanchez (last seen on Cartoon Brew in Marooned on Watango Island).

  • http://www.dittybox.co.nz gavin mouldey

    Awesome design!

  • http://www.portapuppets.does.it uncle wayne

    An EXcellent film. I hadda watch it thrice. Luv it style, its black and white, and EVERYthing!!

  • http://pipsqueakscorner.blogspot.com Pedro Vargas

    This is great!! Loved it! Lluis Fuzzhound is the best!!

  • http://www.rubberhousestudio.com Greg

    Yeah yeah I love how god kicks him out of heaven, where everything’s supposed to be free and easy, ha ha