<em>Sleigh Ride</em> by Funnypages <em>Sleigh Ride</em> by Funnypages
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Sleigh Ride by Funnypages

Our friends at Funnypages Productions in Nashville, Tennessee, just finished their first fully animated music video for the group Relient K. It’s a classic Christmas song, Sleigh Ride and it’s really cute – put me in the holiday mood instantly. Former Disney animators Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley co-directed. The animation team was made up of Brent Bouchard, Enoc Castaneda, Erik Girndt, Michael Huang, Chris Kennett, Missy Roode, Mike Owens, and Jayson Thiesson. Background Paintings by Tod Redner.

  • Jay Taylor

    The first thing I noticed was the pitch correction software on the vocal. I can really hear it at work!

    Anyways, glad to see some work coming out of Nashville, since I live 15 miles away. :)

  • Charlie

    You should check out this anime-ish video from a band called David Crowder

  • I . . . . absolutely . . . LOVED IT!!!!

    Cute bunnies with goatees and the blonde boy bunny reminds me of my husband and eeeeee :D

  • That’s got some energy to it, I like it.

  • Erica

    That was great. My compliments to all of the animators.
    Really, really cute. : )

  • Great short !!!!

  • Funny stuff!

  • Danny Haskins

    Relient K is one of my favorite bands, glad to see they are involved with a cool animated video!

  • Greg Hardin

    Yeah Tom & Rob! Great job!

  • Nicely done! I watched it twice. The character designs are
    really appealing :-D

  • Brett

    Awesome video!

  • Man, that Santa is one angry MOFO.

    No cookies for you this year, Fatty!! :0)