“Smile” by Max Xenda “Smile” by Max Xenda
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“Smile” by Max Xenda

Check out all the eye candy in this music video featuring Ukrainian pop singer Jamala (aka Susana Jamaladinova). “Smile” was directed by top Ukraine video maker Max Xenda, and combines live action with miniatures and stop-mo puppet animation, designed by art director Vlad Ryzhikov.

Click here for behind-the-scenes footage, and some nice photos of Jamala.

(Thanks, Eric Graff)

  • Cörv

    This video made me smile. :-)

  • The song can get a little annoying, but the visuals are pretty creative

  • uncle wayne

    And what in the world is there NOT to luv!? Beautiful!!! (Plus I’ll be singing that all day!) I’m glad that they are still writing songs nowadays with a melody!!

  • Tony C

    The song literally scared me off watching it after about 20 seconds… I couldn’t endure that chorus again.

  • Reminded me of ‘Trolololo’ which kind of scares me:


    As a side, I think the video (smile) could have been better by removing a whole bunch of text. Otherwise, there’s some visuals that look pretty rad. I like the clouds.

  • Nice visuals…. Just the song didn’t make me feel good in my stomach :(