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“Some Hungry Guy” by Benjamin Ahr Harrison

Songwriter Jascha Hoffman teamed up with Brooklyn based filmmaker Benjamin Ahr Harrison to create a music video inspired by the art of Winsor McCay. Says Hoffman:

“When I set out to make a video for my song “Some Hungry Guy,” the visual world of Little Nemo came to mind. The song is about how strange it can be to survive in a hostile world. The lavish panels of Little Nemo depict a young boy navigating a series of wonders and catastrophes in his dreams. It was a perfect fit.

“Director Benjamin Ahr Harrison really came through beyond my wildest expectations. He is not trained as an animator, but using a little digital magic, he was able to lend depth and motion to McCay’s sumptuous century-old panels, which are now in the public domain since their copyright expired. Because McCay was also a pioneer of “animated drawing”– what we now call animation – it felt right to set some his finest drawings in motion.”

(Thanks, Gary Meyer)

  • Nic

    Although sometimes I found the difference between his face and the artwork a little jarring, I really love this. It’s a little humorous and a little dreamlike. Plus the song is just wonderful. (Who knew I’d find great music on a blog for cartoons?)

    Wonderful work!

  • This is a poor representation of a genius artist. But if it gets people to seek out McCay’s brilliant artwork and animation, then they will see what it should have looked like.

  • Al

    Worse things could be done to artwork that has fallen into the public domain. At least Benjamin Harrison limited most of the onscreen fare to elements that were drawn by McCay.

  • If I ignore the “walk” cycle, I can actually enjoy it. I especially like his clever treatment of McCay’s drawings (or better, newspaper prints) with filters and colours.

    Shouldn’t there already be a list of music videos using McCay as source material or inspiration? I remember some heavy metal song in the 90’s which had a quite nicely animated Nemo parody in black and white. There must be more!

  • What I love about this music video is that it’s introduced me to the sounds of this guy and the works of Winsor McCay