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“Sometimes In The Stars” by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment

Check out this moody new music video for the Australian band The Audreys, produced by Luke Jurevicius and directed by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment .

Produced by Luke Jurevicius
Directed by Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment
Production Designers: Luke Jurevicius, Shane Devries, Jason Pamment, Ari Gibson
Story by Luke Jurevicius, Ari Gibson & Jason Pamment
2D Animation: Ari Gibson
Background Art: Jason Pamment
Compositing: Ryan Kirby & Jason Pamment
Coloring: Jarrod Prince & Joshua Bowman
Executive Producers: Stu McCullough, Taasha Coates, Tristan Goodall

  • Adam C

    The character animation is very nice, and it’s all very atmospheric – I can’t help but think they’re taking a cue from the videogame “Limbo”, especially in the wide shots.

  • Its like Miyazaki meets Koji morimoto. I had such a nice nostalgic feeling watching this. Beautiful visuals and inspiring

  • Beautiful stuff. Very melancholy but you can’t look away. Every shot truly is a work of art.

  • Really well done.

  • Can we please have a full lenght film about it?
    4 min are not enough! Loved it!

  • Ryan

    I’m pretty new to this whole world… but I’m inspired beyond measure right now. Thank you!

  • What I love about this is that there’s barely any animation – what there is, is subtle and understated – instead it’s the character design itself that carries the acting, like the bodies were bent into an emotional pose and carried that pose through the whole thing. I’m talking about the dudes on the tram not the main char.

    My opinion.

    Plus rich and deep background art in great compositions.

    Totally great!

  • Coby

    This clip was produced independently by Luke Jurevicius, Ari Gibson and Jason Pamment. You can check their work at these links:

    Luke Jurevicius:
    Ari Gibson:
    Jason Pamment:

  • Cord

    It’s animation like this that makes me so impatient to get into this industry. I want to make beautiful films like this!

  • moritz

    This is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations to the creators! You made a beautiful atmospheric piece of animation.

  • Baron Lego

    Very nice- it very much reminds me of the anime film “Night on the Galactic Railroad.”

    • Haha! Its brilliant that you say that. I adore Night on the Galactic Railroad and I’m so glad you can see its influence in the clip :)

      • Here’s a third shoutout for the blue kitty. XD

        I adore this film. My eyes are dancing with glee—I love the designs and the rich atmostphere.
        It’s things like this that make me sure that drawn animation will make a comeback someday.

  • this is gorgeous. well done.

  • Morty

    Subtext is so important. Well done.

  • Dan

    This is pretty much the best piece of original animation Australia has ever produced, I wonder how it would have done in Tropfest.

  • really lovely! great song as well, the animation really compliments it.

  • beautiful!!

  • Mister Twister