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“Space and the Woods” Music Video

Late of the Pier

Another recent music video to point out. This one is for the band Late of the Pier and their song “Space and the Woods.” The video is directed by the great Ian Emes, who’s been making animated shorts, films and music videos since the 1970s including Pink Floyd’s concert film “The Dark Side of the Moon.” The high-energy visuals do a fine job of evoking a Seventies early-CG vibe while simultaneously remaining fresh and contemporary.

(Thanks, Chris Padilla)

  • That was highly evocative of Starchaser The Legend of Orin, in no particular way I could put a handle on.

  • Gary Numan must be turning in his grave. He’s still alive though, right? Kids today… get your own music! And a haircut!

    I do like the video though. Thanks for posting it. It fits perfectly with the track, I guess as a music video should (but often doesn’t) and does have that late-70s, early-80s feel.

  • Old Fogey

    Wow, their posture is pretty horrendous. Sign of the times.

  • roz

    hahaha why would they make a video for the censored version? awesome though