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“State of The Art” by Greg Sharp & Ivan Dixon

A gorgeous new piece from Melbourne based Rubber House. It’s a music video for the Gotye song State Of The Art, from their new album Making Mirrors.

  • Cord

    That. Was. Awesome.

  • Richard

    Nice work guys! Well done

  • Rafa

    That was amazing!
    In every detail and choice the creators showed such a superb taste!
    Congratulations, while Im playing this for the third time in a row!

    • Greg

      Cheers all! Thanks for posting Jerry, just in time for Christmas, ho ho ho.

  • christy

    thats great!!!!

  • jinnaboy

    Amazing, i saw this at the sydney opera house. Rubberhouse needs more recognition within Australia itself.

  • Caty

    Well, mamma mia, all I have to say. I already want toys of the father, the baby and the mother. And I think I have a new group to look forward to.

    • Ivan Dixon

      Thanks Katy! I based the mother and father characters on my own parents. We designed some t-shirts based on the video which should be available soon. As for toys, we can only dream!

  • Obj_Solid

    Love the creative use of retro themes!

  • Zekey

    Gotye make good music. Also nice to work for.

  • Terry Biddle

    That was AWESOME. Definitely looking forward to anything Rubber House puts out in the future.

  • muffles

    We have to get beyond mom, dad, sissy and brother looking like they live in another time zone. Unless someone in their 60’s is driving the animation bus it is high time to try to update how parents are depicted in animation.

    • Rafa

      Well, in this case the use of those stereotypes is totally justified given the retro-tonge-in-cheek vibe of the song.

  • Ivan Dixon

    I see where you’re coming from Muffles, but in this case we wanted it to feel like a typical family being torn apart by new technology.

    We were actually going for more of an 80’s vibe, because that’s when the Cottolion organ would have been “State of the Art.” That’s why we chose a sleazy businessman dad, a Princess Di shoulder padded mum, the Degrassi Jr High sister and a BMX Bandit brother with an Action Man toy.

    Plus, as I said earlier, the actually family was based on my own. It would be ingeniune to pretend I had a wild, new age family…because I didn’t.

  • Richard

    Are the violin strings a tribute to “Fantasia”?

  • Joe Horne