<em>Strawberry Swing</em> <em>Strawberry Swing</em>
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Strawberry Swing

This is a pretty incredible music video directed by UK’s Shynola, for Coldplay’s latest release, Strawberry Swing. It looks even better in High Def.

(Thanks, William Skaleski)

  • victoria

    I liked it, it almost feels like it should be a Radio Head video.

  • It’s pretty sweet, took me a while to realize that they were filmingt on a street.

  • Chris

    HOW IN THE HE- uh, ah, …brawk?

  • WOW!

  • Johnny

    I’ve seen this done so many times before, but Shynola just give it a little something extra.

  • Pete Levin

    I’m wondering if they projected and traced the hand drawn animation onto the sidewalk. This is really great stuff.

  • Karen

    Pretty cool for a top 40 teenybopper band to do a music video like that.

  • ZN

    Pete, I’m not even sure that they drew onto the street. You can see part of the projection eek out onto the sidewalk. Not that I blame them, it would take months upon months to actually draw and animate something like that directly onto the street, and merely projecting it allows them to film the whole thing within a week or maybe even one day of shooting. I still like the video anyway, it’ll turn heads for sure.

  • Nick

    Animation was projected, and then drawn onto street with chalk. Jason Groves, one of the Shynola guys said he wound up with a “weird” dent in his thumb by the end of it.

  • matt

    absolute rubbish. if there was no ‘coldplay’ or ‘shynola’ attached to it i doubt anyone would even give a second glance. just my opinion..

  • ed

    A weird dent in his thumb!?!?!??! ALL 2D animators have weird dents in their thumbs or fingers LOL!!! The size of mine depends upon how large my bank balance is… I therefore suspect Jason Groves’ dent is massive – at least it deserves to be. Very cool video regardless of techniques used to make!

  • Choco

    Matt, or Mr. Trollumphugus, you´re opinion is noted and ignored.
    This video was pure delight and I was left wanting more. Love it.

  • Love it! Even the song.. It’s in my head now(*which is a good thing)