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The Dark Fate of Disney Princesses in “After Ever After”

Dreams die quickly and magic fades in the cruelest way possible in John Cozart’s (aka Paint) latest a cappella medley. Focusing on the fates of some of Disney’s most loveable ingenues, their post-happily ever after lives take a grim turn when blended with political issues of the modern day like environmental destruction, the war on terror and bestiality. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Cozart explains his motivation for the song and video, which took five weeks to record and film, “To just put those characters in our world — our dark, terrible, sad world; hilarity ensues.”

Dark, terrible and sad, yes. Hilarious? Sure, ok.

  • Steve Segal

    Apparently John wrote this and also can play the piano. A talent to watch.

    • your silver lining view has no place here (the internets)

      • Steve Segal

        But yours are always highly anticipated.

  • Brian C.

    I was wondering when this was going to make it on here. I’ve seen this posted multiple times on Facebook, and several other places online, and I honestly don’t get it. The guy is a good singer, but the whole “real world” take on Disney characters isn’t really anything revolutionary or particularly funny to me. Maybe I’ve just been numbed by the endless sea of fan art and internet rants to appreciate ironic takes on Disney these days.

    • Same sentiment here! I was underwhelmed with the premise. This would only be funny to me if it had a particularly smart spin; as it is, I found it pretty ho-hum. Kind of cute, but little beyond that.

  • Hanna

    “Sure, ok”? I’m an absolute Disney nut and I thought this was a riot. I especially enjoyed Pocahontas’ part; it’s always bothered me the way the movie deftly dances around the damage done by the Englishmen and tries to wrap it up in a happily-ever-after, everyone-gets-along ending.

  • Kevin H.

    Scratching my head how this got featured front page and the news of the possible Roger Rabbit/Mickey Mouse reboot didn’t even get a write-up?

  • Tralfaz

    Nobody panic I’ve seen this before, it looks like a young theater major’s come down with an existentialist infection in his political activist gland and its causing him to draw irrational connections between aesthetically beautiful art & entertainment and Fascism. I proscribe a box full of kittens & bunnies and a chill pill and he’ll be right as rain :)

    Very talented guy I wonder if he also draws?

  • Toonio

    Simply genius!

  • Mike Scott

    This guy’s animated like a Disney character.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    My favorite Disney Parody was the “Bonjour, Girl!” take on “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast.

    This was at best okay–although the Pocahontas part was my favorite because I never really cared for that movie as a child. (Ironically because Pocahontas and John Smith did not get married and “live happily every after” like say Snow White or Cinderella)

  • This is a pretty fun listen. I’m always surprised by how uptight the commenters are on this site. It’s not a major political statement or an attempt at “deep art”, it’s just a fun jab at Disney’s rose-tinted glasses.

    If the comments are keeping you from watching, don’t let them. It’s fun, and worth a watch.

  • handsome bob

    Oh come on, he’s got a beautiful voice and he clearly chose the princess roles for a reason.

  • Evie

    JON Cozart!