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The Horrors


This a bit disturbing – but I like it.

A new music video from UK punk bank The Horrors, She’s The New Thing, Directed by Corin Hardy.

  • George

    Very cool! The creepy design of the animation definately reminded me of Stephen Gammell art, actually, the whole construction of the video reminds me of his art. I wonder if he had anything to do with it, or was just an influence.

  • I actually liked it – disturbing in a way, but I think a lot of thought went into the produciton.

  • Andrew Lee


  • Not bad. The music reminds me of old-school Brit-Punkers The Stranglers. The art reminds me of the guy who did the wild caricatures in Hunter S. Thompson’s books. Macabre can be cool. This is cool.

  • Holy wow. That kicked all kinds of ass.
    Catchy Song, too. And it does look like Gammel’s art. Splotchy ink drawings that are creepy as hell to look at.

  • I like it

  • Cliff Galbraith

    As far as a rock video goes– it hit all three marks 1. Good song 2. Cool looking band 3. Innovative looking video. The gore factor is more comical than disgusting. Bravo! Thanks for hipping me to this band.