“The Parachute Ending” by Will Sweeney and Steve Scott “The Parachute Ending” by Will Sweeney and Steve Scott
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“The Parachute Ending” by Will Sweeney and Steve Scott

Your favorite animated music video for the next five minutes: Birdy Nam Nam’s “The Parachute Ending” directed by Steve Scott and illustrated by Will Sweeney. There’s a healthy dose of René Laloux and Moebius mixed in there, but the overall results are fresh and fun. According to Scott, it was influenced by Laloux’s Planet Sauvage, bad 80s kids cartoons, Metal Hurlant, Nausicaa and Prog Rock album covers. It was created over four weeks in Flash and AfterEffects.

Crew credits are:
James Littlemore – Editor / Compositor
Geoff McDowall – Animator
Ed Willmore – Animator
Roland Edwards – Animator
Dele Nuga – Digital Painter

(Thanks, Christy Karacas and Chris McD)

  • This is amazing!!! I love it!:D
    It also reminds me on Laloux’s movie “Les Maitres du temps”.

  • Doofus

    w—-whaat? that was amazing!
    it reminded me of the forbidden planet a little bit for some reason.

  • Amazing work indeed! It is great how do the graphics capture the track mood.

  • J

    Cool stuff. Makes me want to watch Jonny Quest and Space Ghost.

  • Jonathan

    Looks like a segment of “Heavy Metal”

  • Chris Webb

    Really liked it. A great way to start my workday! Thanks!

  • Brian Kidd

    Fantastic! This is one of the best uses of Flash I’ve seen; mainly because it rarely looks like it was done in Flash.

    It’s a great mix of all of the cool underground comix and animation from the 1970s. Oh, if only there were still features made in this style. Still, this is a great pick-me-up to remind me that there are still true artists out there.

    Congratulations to the folks behind the short.

  • Extremely cool video. Seems to be a bit of Paperrad and maybe Max Ernst in there too.

  • samuel peter

    wow awesome job, nice retro feel, love the way the graphic goes with the music.

  • Weird. I feel like I should have taken something meaningful away after watching the video, but I’m still mostly scratching my head… perhaps it hasn’t sunk in yet. But it does remind me of Tensai Okamura’s short film “Stink Bomb” (1995)… strange chaos and action that surround one lonely little character, who is just one unknowing component of a much larger (funnier? stranger? more dramatic? more “important”?) story.

  • definitely dig the fantastic planet Laloux vibe. those backgrounds totally sell it!

    and all this done in a month too? that’s so great!!! i’d love to see the workflow on some of this stuff it’s crazy to me how people can pull off such great stuff in such a short time!

    thanks for posting!

  • This is amazing. As well as Fantastic Planet which people have mentioned there’s definitely a lot of influence from Laloux’s ‘Time Guardians’ too.

  • Just a smidgin’ of Kirby and Ditko too, seems. Pretty good stuff, and excellently synced to the music, more directly and brazenly than most music vids. Seems like between this and the MGMT video, we’re witnessing a rebirth of psychedelic animation. Not a bad thing at all, in my opinion. More Kirbyscapes, I say!

  • it’s pat

    Extremely cool visuals. I kept waiting for the music to get into a groove and it felt too disjointed to like. There’s a couple good songs on their myspace page that made more sense to me.