“The Shore” by Eric Power “The Shore” by Eric Power
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“The Shore” by Eric Power

Eric Power‘s music video for Wiretree’s song “The Shore” is a colorful lo-fi piece made with underlit tissue paper and black cardstock.

  • Really cool music video. It’s nice seeing something animated using tissue paper and cutout black cardstock.

  • Sardonic Tuba

    Really fun. There is a warmth to handmade, under-the-camera cut-out animation that Flash can’t duplicate. (Yet.)

    • Bob Harper

      Flash could if that’s what the artist wanted.

  • Justin

    This is a really great looking video. Just wish the animation was a little tighter. Same with all his other videos.

  • I like it, technique is reminiscent of ‘Twice Upon A Time’.

  • Dave W

    Super cool! I really like the look of this.

  • cbat628

    It’s really easy to get lost in this. After a while I forget that I’m looking at paper cut outs.