“The Silhouettes” by Jordan Kim “The Silhouettes” by Jordan Kim
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“The Silhouettes” by Jordan Kim

And now for our moment of Zen: this beautiful music video directed by Jordan Kim (Yo Gabba Gabba!). The music is by Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake).

Director: Jordan Kim
Animators: Cris Shapan, Michael Wingate, Patrick Armitage, Jordan Kim

(Thanks, Kevin Lee)

  • Yum yum yum yum yum. Really enjoyed that. Thanks. Quite hard, I think, to get that surreal look with vectors, at least with the programs I use. Very cool. Pretty darn trippy.

  • Stephen Levinson

    Wow that’s beautiful!

  • Lovely & thought-provoking, perfect for the music.

  • mickhyperion

    It’s always sad when amazing work like this takes a backseat to controversy in the discussions around here.

    It’s great to know there are still people out there interested in making something beautiful and inspiring, and a few of us left who still get it.