“The Way You Do” by Michael Goldberg and Matt Campbell “The Way You Do” by Michael Goldberg and Matt Campbell
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“The Way You Do” by Michael Goldberg and Matt Campbell

A really nice, really fun music video that combines typography, retro graphics, animation and live action by filmmakers Michael Goldberg (writer and animator for Sesame Street) and his animation partner, Matt Campbell. Says Goldberg:

As a side project this past year, I made a music video for singer Farrad called The Way You Do. I conceptualized a 50’s style music video using vintage travel ads and cartoons as our inspiration, and on an unbelievably limited budget, we were able to make a pretty cool final product (in my humble opinion). Everything in this piece is all original artwork and we did a lot of fun camera tricks to seamlessly incorporate the live action elements into the piece.

  • Very nice! Better than a lot of overproduced videos out… I liked it a lot, as a graphic designer and as an animator. Cool!

  • Toonio

    Very funny and uplifting. All the animation integrates seamlessly.

  • Catchy tune, nicely visualized.

  • Loved the retro style. Really nice work.

  • The 1950s/retro stylings would indeed be a perfect match for a low-budget project… they’re equally simple and effective.

    The headless dancers at the end was the best part, I think.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Love the visuals, but the song itself is an ear sore to me.

  • Gerard de Souza

    The animation was indeed good. The “retro” style to me seemed a 1980s take on the 1950s. I’m not the demographic for this but I thought the over-all video was cheezey