Three Music Videos Three Music Videos
Music Videos

Three Music Videos

Music videos are such a great place for experimentation with visual techniques and ideas. Here’s three that have caught my attention recently. One is cross-stitched stop motion, one is puppets, and one is digital collage and live-action.

“Like It or Not”
for Architecture in Helsinki
directed by Josh Logue at Mathematics

for Kanye West
directed by Neon

“Sophisticated Side Ponytail”
for Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head
directed by That Go

  • DanO

    That third video makes me want to go on a homicidal rampage.

  • Meghan Jean

    I particularly enjoyed the Kanye West bit. Refreshing for a Hip Hop video.

    …aaand this pretty much sums up how I feel about that last one:

  • Yeah, the third video is so hipster I almost had a seizure.

  • “Natalie Portman’s Shaved head”. Heh I just heard about this group on Natalie’s fansite. I guess they’re music is so bad they need a popular cute lady’s name to attract listeners.

  • sergei

    i liked the third video a lot. those kids seem like they don’t take themselves too seriously and the video is hella funny.

    i’m surprised you brought in that adbusters article… i didn’t see any american apparel, pbr, or palestinian scarves? is natalie portman’s shaved head even old enough to drink pbr? haha :)

  • Mike Lucy

    That first video is un-imaginitive… Why use computers to cheat the charming look of stop-motion-cross-stitching when you should be embracing the inherent aesthetic style of After Effects.

    Let your medium define your creative decisions.

  • Silken Shadow

    Actually the first video is embroidery on linen not cross-stitch, but otherwise a very lovely job.

  • The Kayne West puppet is awesome. I would actually listen to more hip hop if it had more puppets in it. Can anyone name the song being sampled in that track? It rings a bell but I can’t quite remember it’s name.

    I think the first video looks like it was produced in after effects with scanned cross stitching rather than stop motion. Not that that takes away from it at all, it’s neat.

    The less said about Shaved Head the better..

  • Kevin H

    The third video has so much more going on than the other two…why is the puppet video even being covered on an animation blog?

  • Kyle

    That last one awesome and hilarious. and oddly addictive.
    I think its cool how unserious it is.

    the Kanye West one…why is that even on here?

    the first one…was interesting for a bit, but didn’t hold my interest.

  • Chris L

    I think a problem with the first video is that the song had a lot more energy than the visuals – something that the last video captured really well (over-the-top hipsterism notwithstanding).

  • yodanation

    “the Kanye West one…why is that even on here?”
    -Because puppets are rad.

    “Can anyone name the song being sampled in that track?”

    -Kid Charlemagne By Steely Dan

  • Agree that faking Gondry-style handmade videos digitally is lame but:

    embracing the inherent aesthetic style of After Effects.

    – uh the what?! If you think there is such a thing you’re doing it wrong.

  • Ren Hoek

    “why is the puppet video even being covered on an animation blog?”

    You feelthy worm! cartoons are puppets!

  • J Hobart B

    “why is the puppet video even being covered on an animation blog?”

    An`i*ma”tion\, n. [L. animatio, fr. animare.]
    1. The act, process, or result of imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity.
    3. The state or condition of being animated.

    Sounds like what goes on in puppeteering to me.

  • Shmorky

    Kanye West commissions the best artists to make really fun and interesting videos to go along with his creative music.

  • JRS

    “embracing the inherent aesthetic style of After Effects.”

    Is exactly what’s going in Court13’s video for MGMT-Electric Feel

    except they are pushing, if not innovating, the style… not posing like “That Go”

  • JRS

    sorry. I meant MGMT-Time To Pretend

  • Jill

    I think some of these comments are unnecessarily harsh… so no one is allowed to embrace after effects aesthetic after MGMT? The third video is definitely influenced by the MGMT video, but it is also very individual. Isn’t there a difference between helping create a genre and “posing”??

    Also, I think you should cut some slack to a band of high school kids and a director just out of college (do some research?) who are making things with no budget and actually getting noticed… architecture in helsinki, kanye west, and …who? kudos.