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TMBG music videos


I just had to share. I’m really enjoying these recently posted animated spots which adapt songs from the They Might Be Giants-Disney CD, Here Come the 123s.

Pascal Campion directed this little treat (via yesterday’s No Fat Clips blog): 813-Mile Car Trip; and today Cold Hard Flash previewed I Can Add by Adam Sacks and David Cowles. Disney is posting a new one each week on itunes. Collect them all!

  • those were too cute! i particularly liked I Can Add, the bg paint in that is fantastic. both look great!

  • Chris

    ‘I can add’ is awesome! ‘Never go to work’ by David Cowles and Sean Mcbride is also incredible. Congrats, guys!

  • TMBG must really love cartoons. Most of their music videos are animated. And they’ve even made some songs about some popular modern cartoon shows.

  • Christopher Cook

    Tiny Toon Adventures di an episode where the show’s stars lip-synched to particular songs, and they did two TMBG numbers, one of them being “Molecule Man.”

  • Casimir Couvillion

    The TMBG songs on Tiny Tunes Adventures were “Particle Man” and “Istanbul (Not Constantanople)”. I saw them in concert a couple weeks ago and they played several songs from “Here come the 123s”. Good show.

  • Sara

    Thanks for posting those! I caught “813 Mile Car Trip” on Disney Channel a few months ago, but my huge TMBG fan husband wasn’t around and I couldn’t find it online to show him.

    TMBG were signed with Warner Brothers at the time of the Tiny Toons episodes, explaining why they were so eager to promote the songs.

  • Chuck R.

    Zekey, There is a connection:
    John Flansburgh (the John with glasses) was a student at Pratt. (I think I remember reading he had a background in graphic design.) According to Wikipedia, he also directs videos, his father was an architect, and his wife works with puppets. I don’t know how big an animation fan he is, but the band definitely shows an interest in cutting edge illustration, graphics and comic art.

    A bit OT, but the Talking Heads grouped while attending RISD. (I think they were industrial designers) That band also had a certain visual flair that was really part of their total package.
    I’m sure other readers can cite more examples.

  • Have kids. You find out about all this stuff almost instantaneously.

    Am I the only one who finds TMBG’s kids records far superior to their “adult” work? No forced quirk and whimsy. Genuine entertainment value. No smirk.

  • Christopher Cook

    “The TMBG songs on Tiny Tunes Adventures were “Particle Man” and “Istanbul (Not Constantanople)”.”

    D’oh!! I figured I got it wrong the second I submitted it. Thanks for the correction. TMBG played two shows at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta this past Saturday–a 3 PM show for families and a 6 PM show for grown-ups.

  • More TMBG, a Cartoon Network promo for Courage the Cowardly Dog: