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“Todor and Petru”

Todor and Petru

Todor & Petru is an unofficial music video for The Thunderclaps’ “Judgment Day” made by Gobelins students Remi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Nicolas Pegon and Jérémy Pires during an internship at Paris-based WIZZ.

I’ll admit that I dismissed the piece as nothing special the first time I watched it, but I was quite impressed the second time around when I paid closer attention and realized what they were actually doing. The combination of drawn animation (Flash?) and pixilated live-action is mixed together very smartly. It’s done in such a way so that the piece has the cinematic bravado of a computer animated film while retaining the organic and expressive design qualities of drawn animation. It’s a worthwhile experiment that merits further exploration, and pushes Todor & Petru beyond the typical combo of 2D animation over live elements.

Their Vimeo account also features this earlier piece that appears to be a test or development for Todor & Petru:

(Thanks, DVO and Rohit Iyer)

  • The Gee

    It does seem well-conceived and well-executed however I couldn’t bring myself to finish it.
    Anyone interested should watch it for themselves. Surely, others will get something out of it that I did not.

    I’m guessing that they are wearing eye masks. Whether the effect is or isn’t a mask, it still looks funky. The whole thing comes across in a funky vibe. The hand drawn effects add a lot….in a “Hunh, That’s all.” kind-of-way.

    If it had been funny, maybe I would have endured it.
    If it parodied something I’m with which I’m familiar, ditto.
    If it made some grand statement, ditto.
    If the color pallette of the trad. animation fx were broader and the animation were more varied early on then yeah, ditto.
    If it had been different in some grand way, I wouldn’t have taken my eyes off of it.
    But, it is what it is.
    It just comes across as a well-executed experiment. And, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • greenSquid

      All that and you couldn’t finish a 3 min film? Sounds like you’re just addicted to the web. Try watching.

  • lola

    I thought that was extremely well done. Bravo!

  • I loved it, makes me happy. I love these mixed media experiments, especially when turn out this well!

  • Very cool, I really liked the look. I think something like that would work great as a game. Great work guys.

  • Great treatment of the 2D animated elements! Really impressive.

  • You just can’t underestimate the skill and thought that went into the production of this brilliant burst of mix media, viscerality!!!! Is that a real word? Not sure, but I liked the video.

  • Anoniguy

    Ohhh, I loved this. Short on narrative, but long on style. I hope I see more things like this is the future.

    One of the things I love about this is the way that the animated elements serve to push the pixilated elements further, making them that much more exaggerated and adding the sense of squash and stretch that I think most live action/animation hybrids don’t have any/enough of.

    Seems like it’s ideal for short stuff like music videos and such, though, and might get kind of tiresome for anything longer.