<em>Up Butt Coconut</em> <em>Up Butt Coconut</em>
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Up Butt Coconut

Animation by NightShadow02 (Benjamin Tay) for an Albino Blacksheep contest. Music by Parry Gripp.

  • Tom Pope


  • It’s not as effortless as that animation makes it look.

  • Sean

    my soul hurts a little…

  • Hahahaha!

  • Edwin Austin

    Remember kiddies we’re professionals, don’t try this at home.

  • Autumn

    That…was disturbing.

  • Chris

    Knowing Cartoonbrew.com, Im sure this would somehow be loved an adored by the cartoonbrew followers. Whereas all other modern day animation is somehow considered crap.

  • Bloo!? Nooooo!

  • I heard Dreamworks has just picked this up for a 4 picture deal. In 3d of course.

  • Keith Paynter

    Harry Nilsson is crying…

  • MichaelDair

    Didn’t the Bee Gee’s already do this with “How Deep Is YOur Love”?

  • I secretly wish that this is Jerry’s response to the Sunday Funnies Haters!

  • Dave O.

    Its trying a little too hard. Should have been funnier somehow, given the subject matter.

  • Mike Gabriel

    Anybody feel like animation just sunk to a sub-zemeckis species? I hope this site doesn’t take advantage of loyal brew followers by sticking this kind of vacuous ether-filler into a respected until now trusted outlet for real talent.

  • I did a flash cartoon with one of Perry Gripp’s songs.


  • amid

    Mike: Posting something like this which is completely devoid of aesthetic, creative and humorous qualities makes the good stuff we post that much better.

  • Hey, I thought it was funny.

    So did Nina Paley, so I’m in good company.

  • hendz

    real deep.

    bringing nina paley in doesn’t increase your credibility. it decreases hers.

  • I see the usual wet blankets are particularly moist today.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    I’m waiting for the action figure.

  • It made me laugh. That’s all about it. It doesn’t pretend to sell a message or what. If it were only shorter, it would’ve been good enough to be shown in some gag TV show.

  • FP

    This one was immediately downloaded into the “burn to DVD” folder. It’s genuinely entertaining.

  • I watched it again and laughed out loud just to spite all the haters!

  • pheslaki

    I feel sorry for anyone who is so cranky they can’t enjoy Parry Gripp.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I would like to say something.


    Thank you.

    (Detractors of this sublime little piece may take it’s advice to heart.)

  • dave o.

    I’m not hating… I like butts. I like coconuts. I like this kind of humor. I didn’t care for this. Mainly cuz I don’t care either for vector art nor house music. Its a matter of taste is all.

  • Mike Gabriel

    If it makes you laugh, cool. Glad there are those out there who so love the medium of bringing life to cartoon images they can look at this intended mindless fun and be delighted. Truly. If that doesn’t prove this medium has longevity nothing will.

  • I did the “official” video for this song, sanctioned by Parry Gripp himself. http://www.scaredofbees.com/upbuttcoconut.htm