“Upular” by Pogo “Upular” by Pogo
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“Upular” by Pogo

Video remix artist Nick Bertke (aka Pogo) created this piece of music using chords, bass notes and vocal samples from Pete Docter’s Up. The result is an inventive and very listenable piece of music. Bertke also did a similar remix project using Disney’s Alice in Wonderland last year.

(Thanks, Kelly)

  • I love this remix. And Pogo. So much.

  • Donald C.

    Oh, I love Pogo’s works.

  • david

    i’d watch up if it was like this.

    well not really watch, i’d just go to the theater and listen to the music. ahahaah.

  • that is the best thing i have seen in yonks. The lad is skillful indeed

  • One of his bests !

    Should be noted that he also has one with samples from “the sword in the stone”

    Wich like the alice one cannot be found anymore in his official channel because disney asked to take it down =P

  • Aw cool, glad you liked the link, Amid! I’ve listened to this track at least five times by now, and counting. Same with the Alice track.

  • Tim Brown

    I love Pogo!

    This guy is scary talented!

  • Very nice! I particularly enjoyed images of jumping the sidewalk cracks against the jungle crags. :D

  • I love Pogo’s remixes/videos.

    It looks like this one was actually commissioned by Pixar. I wonder how I could persuade Pogo to do a “Sita” remix – I can’t afford to commission one, but dang that would be awesome.

  • Hulk

    Very cool. It sounds like Carl says “Russel’s Queer” a few times in the second half.

  • Corey K.

    If Disney were smart, they’d HIRE this guy instead of threatening him…

  • Tina

    He works for Disney. Viral marketing.

  • Rich T.

    Wow. Never thought one of my favorite modern musical works would feature Ed Asner on vocals!

  • Corey K.

    Wow. Then Disney did something smart! Awesome! :)

  • Chris Brody

    that is the most annoying thing ive ever heard in my life

  • FP

    Wow! Tight work. Inspiring derivation.


    Awesome, just awesome :)

  • AdrianC

    His brain must operate in a special way to find music the way he does. I still think the Marry Poppins one is the best, but this is one is nice.

  • Eddy From Canada

    I’m lovin this remix. Bright, cheery, energetic. Toe tappin fun. I’m playing the thing twice a day for a quick pick-me-up. ‘Up’ get it? Pick-me-‘UP’. That’s a joke, son.

  • Chuck R.


  • It’s sort of lovely. I didn’t expect to like it.

    Russel’s voice is pretty nice when you hit it with the auto tune!