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VOICST Music Video by Fons Schiedon

Fons Schiedon Music Video

Dutch director and animator Fons Schiedon, previously featured on Cartoon Brew and quickly becoming a favorite director of mine, just finished a lovely looking music video for Amsterdam-based band VOICST. Schiedon tells me, “The video was completed in just about five weeks from animatic to final (a schedule that leans towards insanity I must admit), working with basically the same compact team that previously worked with me on the MTV ASIA Mobbed series (2006). Technically, we’re looking at cel-style Flash-animation and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Maya backgrounds in an AfterEffects composite.” The character animation was created by Brazilian studio Birdo. Watch the video and read a ‘making-of’ on Fons’ site.

  • red pill junkie

    Nice happy space-rock video :-)

  • This guy is my actual hero. Can’t recall the last time unbridled fun was so evident in an animation. The making-of stuff is fascinating too. Shame his current site is less than forthcoming about his other projects, the previous version had so much great inspiring stuff. More!

  • David D

    Duuude, five weeks? Pretty sick.

  • I had the pleasure of working in this Fons Schiedon video and we here at Birdo Studio are really happy to see it at Cartoon Brew (one of the house favourite blogs for sure).
    Deadline was tight, but we were fortunate enough to have a very inspiring material, characters and animatic, to work on, so the whole process went quite smoothly (and fast). Also is always great to be in collaboration with Fons, who as a director all I have to say is the guy really knows the stuff :-)

  • Fantastic! I showed it to all my coworkers…they loved it!
    Five weeks is a ridonkulous deadline, but well done! They managed to produce a truly quality piece of animation. Pat yourselves on the back! =D

  • beautiful work!!