“Wail to God” Video by Anthony Schepperd “Wail to God” Video by Anthony Schepperd
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“Wail to God” Video by Anthony Schepperd

Don’t miss Anthony F. Schepperd’s video for Ape School‘s “Wail to God.” The immediacy and intensity of his drawn animation is a real pleasure to watch. His stretchy character transformations and surrealist touches like the NSFW tit-trees give off a vibe of somebody who’s having fun with the possibilities of animation.

  • Doofus

    Haha that was pretty great :)

  • G Melissa Graziano

    I love it when an animator really pushes animation to, well, be animated! Awesome job. :)

  • The world needs more of this.

  • Jay Sabicer

    Makes you wish Pink Floyd would get back together and make another rock opera/movie, this guy would fit hand-in-glove with the ideas Mssrs. Waters and Gilmour could create.

  • Great animation. Pleasure to watch indeed.

  • “It’s so easy, even a cave man can do it.”

    Wild stuff. I agree, there should be more stuff like this. I love seeing rough looking animation.

  • greg

    Those tit-trees are NSFW? Where’re you working these days, Amid? The Anti Innocuous Abstraction League?

  • Scott

    Anyone know what software he used to make this? I love the sketchiness of it, maybe tv paint or flipbook?


    Frame by frame in flash, I do believe. Great to see people digging this. We’re very proud of it!

  • Tiwa

    That is astounding

  • alberto

    This is getting me pumped up to watch some Superjail!!!

  • Ryan

    More, more, more!
    Maybe, Plympton II?

  • Sunday

    Started out pretty good and then crash-bang-WHAM’ed into something flat out amazing! Reminds me a little of Patrick Smith, only five times as wild!

  • That’s a ton of great work, nice job Mr. Schepperd.

  • Not bad. I’m all for more traditional animation in Flash! More please…

  • ekuska

    I just came back from the future where I saw a Blockhead video he did. Effing awesome.

    You guys are in for a treat.