“Water Curses” Fan-Created Music Video “Water Curses” Fan-Created Music Video
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“Water Curses” Fan-Created Music Video

Water Curses

To teach himself Flash CS3, Russell made a fan video for the song “Water Curses” by Animal Collective. The result is a fun-to-watch piece of abstract animation. He writes in the video’s online description:

I started making this in an attempt to learn Flash CS3. There are two basic layers in this animation, a flash layer at 24fps, and a stop motion powdered charcoal layer at 12fps. They are mixed together in nifty ways with After Effects. I started to get a hang of things in the second half of the video, so, sorry if the first half isn’t as interesting.

There are more details about the making of the video posted on his blog Music to Video.

  • i love this song.

    seems like the vid was lots of fun to make. looks great too.

  • GhaleonQ

    That was far better than the song’s original video. Fantastic.

  • Charles

    Oh wow, I’m on the brew! Thanks for watching my animation everyone!

  • I’m of the opinion that much of abstract art is cheap, because short of seeing all the research and study the artist has done, it could all be happy mistakes. If I were to look at just one frame of this vid, I’d probably come to the same conclusion. Make it all move, however, and it becomes brilliant. Great job on the video. It looks wonderful.

  • Nicely done! I liked the original video for this song, but I think this matches the tone of the music more…great experiment, too! I hope Animal Collective gets to see it soon.

  • David

    I love Animal Collective too.

    Inspiring and energetic. Very fitting to with Animal Collective’s experimental folksy music. Aesthetically, I like it better than the original on how craving it is with raw energy. The original music video directed by Andrew Kuo was nice too, pixelated art fascinates me as well. It didn’t feel as uniform (splashes on top of geometric shapes, just my opinion), but the unbridled experimentation was really enjoyable. Great work, Charles.

  • This is very cool.