“We are Police” by Sarah Phillips and Lachlan Dean

Zoetrope-inspired animation techniques have made a big comeback this year. It’s a flexible technique that allows for many creative interpretations, as evidenced in this music video for The Weekend People’s single, “We Are Police.” The directors are Melbourne, Australia-based Sarah Phillips and Lachlan Dean. Phillips tells me that, “The music video was made using a record player and was made with no budget–even the record player was found as rubbish on the sidewalk.”

  • Dee

    Pretty cool. I find many of the music videos posted here lacking: either I don’t like the music, or the animation–albeit skillfully made– is just boring. But I like this one a lot. Phillips and Dean seem to “get it”.

  • http://thisisonlya.blogspot.com robcat2075

    I dislike the “no budget” claim on things that obviously took a lot of time and technology and resources to prepare.

    • Tony

      Obviously there was some budget for paper and printing of all the images.