Weird Al’s <em>Skipper Dan</em> Weird Al’s <em>Skipper Dan</em>
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Weird Al’s Skipper Dan

I’m a big fan of Weird Al Yankovic… and I’m digging his latest video, designed and directed by Divya Srinivasan. Read the lyrics here.

And cheer up Skipper Dan, John Lasseter started on the Jungle Cruise ride.


  • Yes. Awesome.

  • Zork Nemesis

    Great song, interesting video. I was going to harp on the stiff and mechanical animation but then I realized it was intentional and now I like it, it fits perfectly.

  • I think it’s cool that Weird Al is employing independent animators for his videos.

    His last album had videos Bill Plympton, John K and even Jim Blashfield. Not only did he hire good artists, he seemed to let them interpret the music however they wanted and be creative.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    This has no soul. It’s just bad flash — symbols being tweened everywhere with no thought about how things should move. There’s even some lazy shape tweens in there. This thing is really ugly. It looks like the same amateur flash stuff that is easily found all over the internet.

  • Ah, poor Al, always one degree of separation away from my other favorite band, They Might Be Giants. If only they weren’t so frightened that associating with him would get them dismissed as a novelty act…

    Skipper Dan is already my favorite of his songs he’s released this year. His ‘character songs’ tend to be hit or miss (e.g. Airline Amy), but this one is a grand slam!


    great song by Wierd Al, one of his better original ones.

  • Jessica Britton

    Nice! Funny and bittersweet at the same time. Weird Al just keeps getting better and better! Great video for the song, nice that he picked animation over live action for this one, it really worked well.

  • Jay Sabicer

    As a former skipper (although with no acting aspirations), this video hit extremely close to home, especially the ill-fitting costume and the cheesy animatronics, and most of all, “the backside of water”. The look Dan has is the “I’ve been here for 5 years and have no prospects of finding anything better look”. I should know, I saw that in the mirror every morning before work.

  • Nick

    As a caricature artist at Knott’s trying to get into the animation industry all I can say is, that music video describes my life thus far. Excuse me as I go die a little inside and cry.

  • I don’t think there’s a single animator out there that cant relate to this. Good job :)

  • Isaac

    There is no animation. Everything moves like paper cutouts. There’s no charm, grace, or skill. Where are the qualities that are supposed to separate hackjobs from professional work? Why is a funny song’s animation not funny?

  • This song is absolutely great! I don’t know Weird Al’s entire catalogue (at all), but this is my favorite song from him for now.

    I might be biased from so many trips to Disneyland, and so many times I’ve wondered, “Don’t those dudes and dudettes get tired of saying the saaaame jokes over and over again?” I also admit I used to be quite critical of those Jungle Cruise tour guides’ performances.

  • I got chastised for criticizing someones work and asked how I would like it if someone did that to me? Let me just say they do. If you’re going to work in animation get used to it.

    Take the best from what people say and build on it. You’re never going to please everyone but be open to different opinions even if they hurt your feelings.

    Now, I liked the song and felt it accurately captured how our collective dreams sometime take a backseat to our real desires.

  • FP

    Sounds like B-side TMBG material…

  • Charles K

    As an animator and former Jungle Cruise skipper it made me smile. It was the perfect summer job when I was a college student. But I did notice that there were those a little, ahem, older – and they looked just like Skipper Dan.

  • Kyle Maloney

    Didnt like that too much. typical basic flash based animation.

    I say he needs to hire John k, or others like him to do more of his videos.

  • My kids can watch Weird Al videos all day. And likely will after camp.

  • Jason

    Mitch Kennedy is sooo right. This kind of thing gives flash animation its horrible reputation as quick, sloppy, and cheep. This is what executives think of Flash; Amateur shape pushing. This is not animation!

    People, Flash is so much better than this!!!!

    I find this piece unwatchable. I stopped in disgust half way through.

    Good song though.


    I didn’t want to be critical but I have to admit the slow movement of the animation doesn’t match the energy of the song, which is actually kind of peppy and upbeat in spite of the subject matter. If the artist were to take another stab at the video I would definitely reccomend adding some quicker, snappier moments to the animation. right now it seems to move at the same even speed from beginning to end

  • Luke

    The animation was done that way on purpose- it’s a parody of Disney’s made-for-kids music videos found on albums like ‘Here Come The ABCs’ and ‘Here Come The 123s’.

  • Skippa

    @Luke, that would mean she’s pardoying her own work — same animator as the Giants videos.