“When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted” by Billy Polard “When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted” by Billy Polard
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“When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted” by Billy Polard

This is the haunting new video by musician-animator Billy Polard (who’s previous piece Losing Light was featured on the Brew last year), created using the Nintendo DSi animation program Flipnote Studio. He sent me this message:

I just finished my second music video using that same program. You posted the first on Cartoon Brew and because of that I received a lot of positive feedback. Nintendo even got wind of it and filmed a segment about the video (see first 2 minutes of video below), that was totally due to you being awesome enough to post it here. I plugged your site but they cut it out. Jerks!

  • Beautiful. I never thought about getting a DS, but now…

  • Chris Sobieniak

    I wanted to say something about Flipnote Studio a week or so ago but wasn’t sure if it was already discussed/posted here yet. I’ve seem plenty of examples and it comes off quite a nice and unique app for the DSi (which I still don’t have the interest to pick up yet). I certainly see a lot of potential in people to get into doing little animations on the go with these things, though you have to weed through most of the basic stick figures and other iconography to get to the gems like this.

  • Nathan

    Flipnote studio while simple, can make some great animation. This last month as people might have heard the 3DS system came out,(3D without the glasses) it’d be interesting if they updated flip-note studio to allow 3D layering. Certainly a fun thing to play around with.